Fire Safety Information

All buildings can have fires. Plan what to do when you check in. You won't have time to plan during a fire.

First, find two exits nearest your room.

Be sure they are unlocked and unblocked. Then, count doors between your room and exits so you'll have a reference point if it is smoky.

When you hear an alarm, act, don't investigate.

If you smell smoke, immediately dial the front desk.

If fire is in your room, get out and close the door. Once out, report the fire. If fire is not in your room, leave if you can. First, feel your door. If it's cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest exit. Use stairs and close doors behind you. This keeps smoke from entering the stairwell. Crawl if there is smoke. Fresh air will be at the floor. Take your key so you can go back if you can't use your exits.

If your room door is hot, don't open it. Your room may be the safest place to be. Fill tub with water. Seal all cracks with wet towels and use wet tissue to insulate small openings. If walls get hot, wet with water by using ice bucket or a pan. Shut off fans and air conditioners. Call front desk. Signal at your window.


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